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As you read The Glory of God Revealed, you will be amazed at the wonderful things Donna Rigney saw and learned on her many spiritual encounters with Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Her vivid, detailed account of a special golden mountain in Heaven, and all that glorious mountain holds for God’s children who hunger for His glory, will inspire you to become an avid glory seeker.

Through her book, you will learn how you, too, can access the glory in your life. What is the Glory of God? Father explained: “You cannot separate My glory from Me or from who I am. My glory is My essence, My fragrance, My nature and My being. Just as your humanity cannot be separated from you- that is who you are-human; in the same way, My glory cannot be separated from Me. Where ever I am, that is where My glory is.” “The days ahead will be marked by My glory. Being flooded with My glory will become commonplace and expected by all. A new addiction will overtake My children-an avarice addiction to My glory! In the days ahead, you will see many transformed from Saul, the persecutor of My people, to Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles. Many will leave their ignorance and embrace the wisdom, knowledge and glory of My kingdom.

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